Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!!!

Yesterday was my dear angel's 1st birthday.  I close my eyes and try to imagine how she would look or what she would be doing, what I see is her perfect little face smiling.  For Hannah's birthday I couldn't decide on what I wanted the family to do. Kev and I talked about different idea and with the help of Kairi (my oldest) we planned the day.  The plan was we would get up early go buy all the ingredients and equipment to bake a cake, come home bake the cake pretty it up and leave it for later, have lunch and go to the park let the kids run play and enjoy the beautiful weather, come home have dinner sing happy birthday, cut cake, and talk about Hannah for the rest of the night while looking at her pictures. Perfect day right? (how our day really went)

We woke up 2 hr later than we were suppose too, continued with plans we went to Walmart got all our supplies cake mix, baking pans, icing, etc.   On our way home I noticed Kairi kept itching her eyes I told her I didn't think that was a good idea .  We got home around 2pm  her eyes were red, irritated and swollen, we gave her some allergy medication and a cool compress to sooth her eyes I went to see how she was doing she was sound asleep that was at 3pm then my little one decided she too wanted to sleep. So it was just kevin and I we talked about Hannah watched a movie and in 2 hrs the kids were awake well leah woke up about 40 minutes after her nap but Kairi was passed out.  Once both the girls were awake we started on the cake, that was fun this was the first time in a very long time that i made a cake a lot of laughs Kairi is the pro with baking cakes her grandmother and her bake cakes all the time, Kairi was the head baker and i was the assistant and leah was the taster.  We made a 2 layer french vanilla cake with purple icing and we wrote "Happy 1st Birthday" it looked and tasted really good I was proud of us. Once that was done it was time for dinner, we set the table kevin prayed  and before we ate i wanted all of us to say Happy birthday to Hannah and speak of a memory with Hannah we all did of course Kevin's made me tear up a little with his but it felt so talking about my baby girl even though we talk about her very often.

We sang Happy birthday and blew out her candle this morning everyone was stuffed from dinner last night and i wasn't feeling too well so i didn't push it.  Our day was spent the way it was suppose to be with us together what we had planned didn't matter as long as we were together and remembering our Angel. Hannah is someone we could never forget even though she was here for 10 weeks she has changed my life,  so many others who were around her who believes her life changed there lives. Yesterday  wasn't a sad day last year may16th 2012 my daughter was alive and fighting, It was and forever will be one of the happiest days of my life and i will treat it as so. Next year it will be better i wont be sick and can do more the way i wanted too.  HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!  We love you so much. You are forever in our hearts, soul and mind.

Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!!!!

The girls blowing out the candle.

My little Angel I love you so much